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Shopping on EarthHero means you’re helping to build a more sustainable world.

EarthHero searches for the most sustainable and “best-in-class” ingredients and materials in each category of goods that they sell. Through their "1% for the Planet commitment" every order on EarthHero provides funding for groups that better our planet. From a backpack that donates meals, a bracelet that cleans up ocean plastic, or a sweater that plants trees, choosing sustainable products on EarthHero means every purchase comes with a positive impact. Learn more about EarthHero at

Every order on EarthHero provides funding for groups that better our planet.

March Giveaway Sustainable Food Storage at EarthHero One winner will receive the following two items:

Large Organic Cotton VejibagExtend the life of your veggies with the Standard Organic Cotton Vejibag! Made from 100% French terry organic cotton that is undyed, this produce bag provides a humid yet breathable environment that keeps produce crisp and fresh for longer than traditional plastic bags. Veggies love moisture, and this reusable, washable, and durable bag provides the perfect space for them to be stored in your fridge. Plus, all materials are grown, milled, and produced in the USA! To use, just wet the bag, then wring it out until damp. Rinse veggies and shake off excess water. Store in main compartment of fridge, and re-wet bag slightly if it dries out over several days.

Bee's Wrap Reusable Food Wrap
Single Medium Bee's WrapSay goodbye to wasteful plastic wrap or tinfoil, say hello to Bee's Wrap! This single medium beeswax wrap is a kitchen game-changer. Use the warmth of your hands to gently mold the wrap to anything from cheese, fresh veggies, or the top of a bowl. When you're done, just wash the beeswax wraps in cool water and let it dry until next time. With this reusable wrap, you'll have just what you need for picnics, leftovers, or lunch-time snacks!

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