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Upcycled Foods

Upcycled food products source some of their ingredients from surplus food and/or food manufacturing byproducts which would have previously gone to waste. A hallmark of many upcycled foods is that new foods are created from crops that have already been cultivated, harvested, and used once, but still have more to offer. Forward thinking entrepeneurs are transforming food byproducts and scraps into unique and often very nutritious products for human or pet consumption, creating new sources of protein, other nutrients and fiber in the process.

By choosing upcycled, you’re reducing global food waste and saving valuable natural resources!

A list of some upcycled food manufacturers appears below, along with a brief description of their products.

Pulp Chips by Pulp Pantry
Pulp Pantry upcycles vegetables into nutritious snacks packed with flavor and fiber. Call it a two for one deal: fighting food waste with delicious snacks!

Renewal Mill Upcycled Flours and Cookie Mixes
Renewal Mill fights global food loss and climate change by finding value in the overlooked and transforming it into delicious food. Renewal Mill's flagship ingredient is okara, a high fiber, high protein, gluten-free flour made from the byproduct of soymilk production. Upcycled products include cookie mixes, brownie mix, oat milk flour, okara flour and cookies.

Uglies Kettle Potato Chips
Uglies® Kettle Chips are crafted from potatoes with slight imperfections — potatoes that are too large or too small; those with the wrong color or have the wrong sugar content. Some of the potatoes are slightly blemished and some are farmer surplus. Uglies has rescued more than 5 million pounds of potatoes since its founding in 2017.

Shameless Pets Upcycled Pet Treats
Turn you pet into a food waste warrior with Shameless Pets treats! Each bag of treats contain 30% upcycled fruits & veggies. The nutritionist-crafted treats bring way more than just tail wags and long drools. From hip and joint support to fresh breath, there’s a health benefit for every flavor.

Candid Noons Upcycled Cacao Snacks
Noons are ethically sourced, sustainably grown, and made without the emulsifiers and refined sugars that are often used in chocolates. They also use the whole cacao pod, including leftover pulp, in their snacks, setting new standards for upcycled food.

Matriark Pasta Sauces

With every carton of Matriark Pasta Sauce, 0.4lbs of tomatoes are diverted from landfills and 50 gallons of water are saved. Additionally, Matriark says that it has 37% lower emissions per carton due to the use of upcycled tomatoes and lower emissions packaging compared to conventional tomato sauce in glass packaging.

Tomatoes are one of the highest emitters of greenhouse gasses of any produce in landfills. Matriark purchases tomatoes that have already been harvested, are too ripe for certain specs, are too big, too small, or have a minor blemish. This creates extra revenue for farmers while keeping usable tomatoes out of landfill.

Matriark Foods vegetable broth concentrate is a flavor-dense, low-sodium broth base made from upcycled, fresh-cut vegetable remnants. A healthy and delicious alternative to traditional high-sodium vegetable broth concentrates. 1 carton of Matriark broth concentrate diverts .9 pounds of vegetables from landfill. Great on its own as a broth or enhances flavor in any recipe. Low Sodium. No sugar. No additives. One carton makes approximately 2.3 gallons of broth.

Brewers Upcycled Pita Chips and Flatbreads
Brewer's Crackers is an upcycled cracker company that recycles spent grains leftover from craft beer making into crackers and chips. The spent grains are incredibly flavorful and the beer-making process unlocks valuable nutrients.

Rind Fruit Snacks
The secret ingredient in RIND crave-able whole fruit snacks is not something they add, but what they don’t subtract — the RIND — Mother Nature's original packaging. RIND snacks naturally contain healthy sources of fiber, vitamins and antioxidants, making RIND's nutritious, zero-waste snacks better for you AND the planet.

Stony Brook Wholehearted Foods Butternut Squash Seed Oil
Stony Brook Butternut Squash Oil
With the help of the Cornell Food Venture Center at Cornell University, Stony Brook Wholehearted Foods discovered a delicious, all-natural oil locked up in squash seeds that would otherwise be destined for compost. A flavorful and healthy alternative to olive oil, butternut squash seed oil adds a unique flavor to everything from roasted vegetables to pasta salad and oatmeal. The seed oil is released by precise roasting and expeller pressing without the use of chemicals, excessive heat or harsh filtration. Contains no hydrogenated fats, chemical additives, or preservatives.

The Ugly Company Dried Fruit Snacks
Hello! I'm Ugly 100% upcycled dried fruit. The Ugly Company upcycles ugly fruit by transforming it into healthy dried fruit snacks. Varieties include peaches, apricots, white nectarines and kiwis.

Barnana Banana Bites
When "imperfect" bananas have scuffs, are a little too ripe, or aren’t the perfect size they are typically rejected for export. Barnana uses these reject bananas and gives them a second chance by turning them into snacks.

Rise Upcycled Flour
Add color, texture, taste and flavor to your favorite recipe while making it healthier and more sustainable. RISE Super Flour is made from barley that has gone through the brewing process. As a result, the flour retains the aroma of the brew. The beer takes away most of the carbohydrates, leaving behind a protein rich grain. By using the whole grains, the flour also has a high fiber content. The barley is sourced from amazing craft breweries. Instead of being thrown away, the complete nutritional value of barleys is captured in the flour.

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