Salvage Grocery Stores in Iowa

Where to Buy Salvage Food in Iowa

No Salvage Grocery Store Near You? Cheapest Places to Buy Groceries

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Salvage Grocery Delivery Services
The following companies deliver salvage groceries within Iowa:

Imperfect Foods Logo
Imperfect Foods will deliver salvage produce, grocery staples, snacks, and other favorite pantry items right to your door! To see if they deliver to you, head over to and enter your zip code or view map at Imperfect Foods delivery map. Learn more about Imperfect Foods at

Misfits Market Logo
Misfits Market will deliver salvage organic produce (an assortment of leafy greens, fruits and vegetables) right to your door weekly or every other week! Misfits Market is dedicated to making affordable, high-quality food more accessible while helping break the cycle of food waste. We work directly with farmers and makers to rescue organic produce and other grocery items that might otherwise go to waste, then deliver them to your door — all while passing the savings on to you.

Learn more about Misfits Market at

box of upcycled-foods The following company delivers upcycled groceries within Iowa:
Hive Brands logo
Hive will deliver upcycled foods, upcycled snacks, upcycled pet treats, and socially responsible, environmentally friendly household products and personal care items to your home.
Hive — Buy what you believe in™
Limited Offer! New customers receive
$20 OFF first order at Hive

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The following companies have retail locations in Iowa:
 Highway 2 Discount Groceries on Facebook

Serving Bloomfield and the surrounding communities since 2011. Fresh locally grown produce, meat, cheese, dairy and more at affordable prices. The more you buy, the more you save!
Hwy 2 Discount Groceries


 19686 IA-2, Bloomfield, IA 52537
 (641) 664-1187
 Mon-Sat: 8:30AM-5PM | Sun: Closed

Surplus food, paper products, gloves, socks, general merchandise, HBS, HBC and cheese! Shelves re-stocked daily! Stop in and see us often.
150 Discount Store


 1664 150th St, Hazleton, IA 50641
 (319) 610-7442
 Mon-Sat: 8AM-5PM | Sun: Closed

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 Surplus Grocery on Facebook

Surplus Grocery has a wide variety of bargain prices on grocery and general merchandise. 50-85% Off retail on everything in the store! Our shelves are stuffed so come stock up on the goodies before they're gone! Cut your grocery bill in half! We have general merchandise, groceries, gluten free, organics, health and beauty, cleaners, paper products and the list goes on.
Surplus Grocery


 316 West 5th St Suite B Waterloo, IA 50701
 Mon-Sat: 10AM-6PM | Sun: 12PM-5PM