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Salvage Grocery Stores in Montana

Where to Buy Salvage Food in Montana

No Salvage Grocery Store Near You? Other Places to Save Food  &  Save Money

Salvage Grocery Delivery Services
The following companies deliver salvage groceries within Montana:
Misfits Market Logo
Misfits Market works with farmers and food makers to help them prevent food waste. The Misfits Marketplace offers fruits, vegetables, meat, seafood, cheese and other dairy products, cereals, coffee, baking supplies, beverages, pet food, canned goods, cookies and other snacks — all at prices that are up to 40% less than you'd pay at your local grocery store — delivered directly to your door. Learn more about Misfits Market at

Break the cycle
of food waste!

Martie Logo
Martie is an online discount grocery store that delivers shelf-stable groceries and household items right to your doorstep for up to 80% less than you'd pay at your grocery store. Martie works with hundreds of your favorite brands to save their surplus and overstock inventory, and offer it to you at an incredible deal. Check out the NEW DAILY DEALS every day.

Community Supported Agriculture
Find a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Program Near You:
Local Harvest Find a CSA program
Community Supported Agriculture programs can reduce your carbon footprint, reduce waste from packaging, and reduce food waste at the farm production level. CSA's are a less wasteful model that gives imperfect produce a fighting chance. Many CSA's will deliver within their local area. Find a CSA near you at or learn more about CSA's at USDA National Agriculture Library.

Salvage Groceries at Dollar Stores
The following nationwide stores sell salvage groceries:
Dollar Stores
If you don't have a salvage grocery store near you, you can find grocery bargains at dollar stores and discount stores. These stores sell some of the same products that are sold at salvage grocery stores such as close dated, outdated, overstock and discontinued shelf stable foods. Read more about Dollar Stores.

The following companies have retail locations in Montana:
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Mr. Thrifty Foods, with minor name changes, has been open to the public and part of the Billings community for nearly 40 years. Since 2007, Mr. Thrifty Foods has developed supply relationships with various distributors across the United States. The products you’ll see on the shelf, in the coolers or freezers, may result from overstock, miss-shipments, closeouts, short-dated per manufacturers “best-by” date, or even as simple as new packaging/labeling. Since Mr. Thrifty buys from local distribution areas across the US you’ll often find new products almost never found in other local stores. Whether you can find the same product locally or not, you’ll be certain to appreciate the 40% to 60% everyday savings on most items in the store, be it grocery, dairy, product or meat.
Mr. Thrifty Foods


 201 N 14th Street, Billings, Montana 59101
 (406) 252-1052
 Mon-Wed: 8:30AM-5PM | Thur-Fri: 8:30AM-6PM
Sat: 8:30AM-4PM | Sun :Closed


 1140 S 29th St W, Billings, Montana
 (970) 292-8387
 Mon-Wed: 8:30AM-5PM | Thur-Fri: 8:30AM-6PM
Sat: 8:30AM-4PM | Sun :Closed

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"We get a deal, You get a deal." Grocery Surplus is your local discount grocery store with great prices and friendly service.
Grocery Surplus Store

Thompson Falls

 5468 MT-200, Thompson Falls, MT 59873
 (406) 827-6373
 Mon-Fri: 9AM-5:30PM | Sat: 9AM-4PM | Sun: Closed

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