Salvage Grocery Stores in Rhode Island

Where to Buy Salvage Food in Rhode Island

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Rescue food from Stop & Shop locations in Providence & Pawtucket:
Get massive savings on fresh food items like meat and produce that are nearing their best before date at grocery stores across Canada and the U.S. with the Flashfood app. Save money and fight against food waste!

Too Good To Go
Use the Too Good To Go app to find participating restaurants, bakeries and cafes near you and rescue Surprise Bags filled with delicious, unsold food. Collect your food at a pre-set time, and enjoy it knowing you’ve done something good for the planet!

Community Supported Agriculture
Find a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Program Near You:
Local Harvest Find a CSA program
Community Supported Agriculture programs can reduce your carbon footprint, reduce waste from packaging, and reduce food waste at the farm production level. CSA's are a less wasteful model that gives imperfect produce a fighting chance. Many CSA's will deliver within their local area. Find a CSA near you at or learn more about CSA's at USDA National Agriculture Library.

Salvage Grocery Delivery Services
The following companies deliver salvage groceries within Rhode Island:
Misfits Market Logo
Misfits Market will deliver salvage organic produce (an assortment of leafy greens, fruits and vegetables) right to your door weekly or every other week! To see if they deliver to you, head over to Learn more about Misfits Market at

Imperfect Foods Logo
Imperfect Foods will deliver salvage produce, grocery staples, snacks, and other favorite pantry items right to your door! To see if they deliver to you, head over to and enter your zip code or view map at Imperfect Foods delivery map. Learn more about Imperfect Foods at

The following companies have retail locations in Rhode Island:
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A Little Bit of Everything sells furniture, appliances and general merchandise along with food, beverages, cleaning supplies and personal hygiene products. A Little Bit of Everything has made arrangements with major retailers in the area to purchase expired foods and other merchandise for pennies on the dollar. Save money on nearly expired food, beverages, medications, beauty products and more when you shop at A Little Bit Of Everything.
A Little Bit of Everything


 340 Cottage St, Pawtucket, RI 02860
 (401) 305-3324
 Mon-Wed: 9AM-6PM | Thur-Fri: 9AM-7PM
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